Dirt Roads and Dimples was born on the idea that there is so much more behind being a mom than sippy cups and play dates. From all of the planning, the organizing, the vacations that aren’t so much vacations anymore, the tears, the giggles; this is mamahood. Every moment is crazy, every moment is beautiful (even the ones that we want to rip all of our hair out) and every moment should be cherished… because as we’ve all heard a million times- it all happens way too fast!


My name is Lauren, I live in beautiful Northern California, married to my best friend, and mommy to the two cutest, funniest little ones Savannah (3) and Hunter (15 months). My husband and I got married in 2011, and shortly after found our dream home (on a dirt road) just outside the city lines. Five acres, and five years later, Dirt Roads and Dimples was created. And why the dimples you ask? Well, because not one, but BOTH of my kids were blessed with the dimple gene and I will forever be envious! Our family has a passion for the simple life, and horses and animals have been a huge part of that. We are lucky enough to have the land to home lots of animals, and how I haven’t adopted 27 puppies at this point is beyond me. We have two beautiful horses, three miniature donkeys, a mini Brahma bull, a Rhodesian Ridge back, and 10 chickens! I guess you can say we’ve got our hands full but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. With a 3 year old and 1 year old, I can definitely say I’ve learned my fair share along the way. But every time I think I have it figured out, something changes and I’m back to square one. Being a mom and a wife means so much to me and creating a life enjoying the simple things is so important to me. My hope with this blog is to bring mamas together, from city life to out in the middle of nowhere, we all have our challenges and celebrations of being a mom. I hope to share my passions with you all and am looking forward to meeting all the super moms out there!