Jord Watch Review and Giveaway!

Valentines Day might be over but lets not let the love die! Since I’m always swooning over my babies, I thought it was time to show a little love to the hubs that I’m oh so crazy about too. I think it’s safe to say that having kids changes a relationship for sure, and anyone that says otherwise is full of it. But I really do believe that how it changes it is up to you. Having kids adds a new dynamic to the relationship and a new person to love, when before, it was just about the two of you.  Keeping the love alive (with or without kids) takes work on both ends always!

Let me set the record straight by saying I am no expert at this. This Valentines Day we wrote in Christmas cards that we had forgot to write and give each other and we’re like- hey, no reason to let these cards go to waste! So there’s that. But I can honestly say we love the crap out of each other, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. So babe, if you’re reading this (which you are because I make you read every single one of my posts, lucky you!) I love you to death, and grateful for all that you do for our family!

Jord watch-Dirt roads and dimples

Jord watch-dirt roads and dimples

Thats why, when the opportunity came to collaborate with Jord watches, I couldn’t turn it down. I knew I loved their watches, thats a no brainer, but it also gave me the chance to put some much needed focus on my man. I spend so much time documenting everything with the kids, I was really excited to include him in my blogging world. He was also so cute when I showed him the watch and was like “Thats for me!?” And has worn it every day to work and calls me every time he gets a compliment on it.

I mean, if someone personally came up to him and was like “I’m going to build you a watch, what do you want it to look like?”-It would be this watch. It is made out of handcrafted natural wood number one, and anyone that knows Jason knows there is a bit of an obsession with wood pieces. He has been known to pull over when driving because he spotted a “cool piece of wood.” I’m not even kidding. So since this specific one is made from zebra wood and sandalwood, it makes for a beautiful, timeless piece, but also a conversation piece as well. If you’d like to take a closer look at it, here is the exact watch Jason is wearing.

From all the little details in the wood, to how masculine but modern this watch is, we love everything about it. And when we both love it, that says something. Because when I dress him in J.Crew head to toe but he chooses a Mr. Incredibles t-shirt from target, sometimes its hard to agree on things when it comes to fashion around here! Jord watches come in a lot of different styles to fit all different personalities and lifestyles and are constantly coming up with new designs as well.

You can shop their mens watches here.

They also have a great line of womens watches that I’ve been eyeing. Take a look here!

When I’ve bought Jason watches in the past, he will wear them for a day or two and then it goes right back in the drawer with all the other dumped watches. But this one is different.

Jord watch-dirt roads and dimples

The packaging alone is jaw-dropping. So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone special, or want to drop a hint to someone else, these watches are the way to go. With many ranges in style and pricing, they have the perfect watch to fit anyone and everyone.  And speaking of fit, they also custom fit the watch to your wrist measurement so you don’t need to worry about getting that done after the fact. You seriously can not go wrong!

Jord watch-dirt roads and dimples

And here is the best part-A Giveaway!

They are doing an exclusive giveaway until March 5th! By clicking on the link below, you are entered to win $100 gift code to use on ANY mens or women’s watch! And even if you don’t win, just by entering everyone gets $25 to apply to a watch! The contest will close 3/5 at 11:59pm and giveaway codes of either $100 or $25 will expire 5/31! I highly recommend these watches and know you will too. Take advantage of this giveaway before it ends! Which watch is your favorite?

To be entered in the giveaway click the link below:


Luxury Wooden Watch