Marble Easter Eggs

Let me tell you all a little story. Once upon a time there was a girl that became obsessed with everything marble. I can’t quite pin point when or why it happened, but it came in full force and there was no taming this fire. Just to name a few things that have fallen into this girls marble obsession: Cell phone case, laptop case, coasters, food platters, candles, and if she could afford to cover the entire kitchen and bathrooms in marble, don’t you worry, that would be on the list too. Since her husband has mentioned he is going to find help if one more box of anything marble shows up, she refrained from anymore purchases and made her own marble. And everyone lived happily ever.

Made her own marble, you ask? I’m talking making your own marble Easter eggs guys. In my opinion, there is no better way to decorate the eggs this year! I’m so excited for another year of Easter egg hunting and my little girl stalking any person in a bunny or chicken costume. Last year we went to an Easter egg hunt event where they let all the kids onto this big grassy park to find all the eggs. It was so cute, however Savannah could care less about the eggs. She just followed the Easter Bunny, hugged him about 8358765 times and photobombed everyones picture with him because she wouldn’t leave him a lone.

But back to what you are all here for…The marble Easter eggs! Here it goes, my tutorial on how to make the best looking marble easter eggs. Also, a fair warning, I haven’t died Easter eggs since I was a little kid. But, I’m pretty sure everyone needs to do these, whether you have kids or not. It can get a little messy, but the end result is so worth it.

marble Easter eggs

What you need:

Room temp hardboiled eggs or White Realistic Chicken Eggs For Crafting And Decor 2 1/2 Inch – One Dozen

Rubber Gloves (trust me on this one)

Plastic Container

Your favorite nail Polish



Stirring Stick

Water (room temp)

Step 1

Fill container with 2 cups water, and add 3 drops of nail polish. I used one of my favorite neutral colors. Pour the nail polish drops VERY slow so that the paint floats on top of the water. Mix with stirring stick gently for marbled effect.

Step 2

Dip the egg in the water/nail polish combo and twirl around. At first I was like Wtf is this; this is totally not working. But then you just keep going with it and as you set them out to dry you realize they don’t look half bad 😉

Step 3

Dry the eggs on your foam and toothpicks as pictured below.

marble Easter eggs

marble Easter eggs

You can use one color nail polish or multiple in the same container depending on what look you’re going for. I did a few drops of polish per egg, but if you want more color, just add more polish. I love how these turned out and I’m so glad I got pictures since Savannah basically cracked and ruined them all a few minutes after they were done!

As always, thanks for stopping by and going on this crazy journey with me!