My Baby Girls Princess Nursery

Well, the time has come to say farewell to one of my absolute favorite rooms in the house- My Baby Girls Princess Nursery. My not-so-little girl has conquered jumping out of her crib, and has taken it upon herself to go exploring at weird hours of the night because of it. After about a week of hearing her clunk around in her room and proceeding to rummage through the kitchen and who knows what else, it was time. We decided to finally make the transition to a toddler bed. Unfortunately for us, that didn’t stop the getting up and wandering around, but in fact made it worse. We’ve got a little wild child on our hands and she is finally free from her “cage,” ready to explore! I’m still toying with the best ways to keep her in, so I’ll let you know what ends up working best for me. 🙂

Decorating my baby girls princess nursery was really the first time I put a lot of effort into making a room look exactly the way I wanted. It was also the first time I realized I kind of had a knack for decorating and a bit of a love/obsession with transforming a room into a magical space.

Keeping it Classy

When I started designing my baby girls princess nursery, I knew I wanted something classy and timeless that she could grow into with age. I hated the idea of selling every piece of furniture in a couple years. So when I say “good-bye” to this room, I’m not really saying good-bye, because so much of it is staying. I’m excited to transform an already beautiful room into something just as beautiful but in a different way. I love finding ways to incorporate things I already have and then adding some new special touches to make it something different. So before I get too excited about whats to come, lets focus on some of my favorite things about this room, as it currently stands 🙂

The crown.

Baby girl princess nursery

I seriously think this crown MADE the room. It may be a little pricey for a baby room, but combined with other less expensive items, its worth it to go all out on a few things! This specific crown is from Restoration Hardware and mine is the pewter color. Don’t worry, it’s staying 🙂 I haven’t seen any crowns that compare, although I must say I am loving this style canopy right now as well.

Jeteven Cotton Canvas Dome Bed Canopy Kids Play Tent Mosquito Net for Baby Kids Indoor Outdoor Playing Reading Height 240cm/94.5in Pink

Faux Fur Rug

This rug is soft, comfortable to sit on, and looks incredible. And best part? It’s affordable and super universal if you wanted to move it to another room in the house. I ended up getting it in a different color for my other nursery because I love it so much!

Shop the look here and take advantage of the sale

Mirrored Furniture

Baby girl princess nursery

This set is just so perfect. The dresser is the perfect size to put a changing table on, and then easily removable later when they aren’t in diapers anymore. I’m so happy I found this set because I really feel like she’ll be able to have these in her room for a long time.

This is the exact dresser I have

The Flower Arrangement

Baby girl princess nursery

Gotta give my mama props on this one because I have never attempted to make a flower arrangement. She knew exactly what I wanted and nailed it. I’m actually going to be incorporating more flowers in Savannah’s newly styled room so I’m excited to play around with that. Wish me luck!

Love it? Questions? Let me know!

There are so many things I just fell in love with when I designed my baby girls princess nursery, so I hope you all love it as much as I do! I’m definitely going to miss looking in on this crib and how perfectly everything came together. But you know me, always looking for reasons to redecorate; so I’m pretty excited to see what it turns into. I’ve got a lot of ideas wrapped up in my head right now. I just need to start buying and eliminating a few things, rearranging, and playing around with stuff!

Stay tuned in the next week or so to see the finished product of her new little girl room!

Lastly, if you have any questions on where I purchased anything, please feel free to ask! I love sharing my passions and hobbies with you all!



  1. Amanda | 11th Apr 17

    Where did the bedding come from?

    • [email protected] | 12th Apr 17

      Hi Amanda! The bedding is from restoration hawrdware kids 🙂 I bought the bedding and curtains from them to match!

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