New Years Resolution- Are you sticking to it?

Okay guys- its time to talk New Years goals. It’s half way through January now… are you sticking to what you said you would do? This year, what’s really important for me is to be healthy and active. Not just for myself, but for my family. For me, healthy doesn’t mean how fast I can lose weight, or going on some crash diet; it’s about doing something that really IS good for you and sticking to it! I’m talking about having your mind, body, and soul in the right place. So, what inspires you to make a life change and go after your goals?

I have never in my life been a gym rat by any means, and add two kids to the mix and my motivation is kicked to the curb. Packing up two kids in between nap times, feeding times, driving all the way to the gym, running in to class 15 minutes late, and racing back home because there’s just so many other things you have to get done in the day…I’m exhausted even thinking about it. To all the moms that do this on a daily basis- major props to you! For me- I have finally come to the realization that I am much more inclined to do something when it’s easily accessible and not disrupting my kids schedule too much. I recently had a friend suggest the Kayla Itsines program and anyone that has done this program knows it’s a game changer! It works for my schedule and I end up working out more because it’s easier to take on. Discovering Kayla Itsines was one of those things I was like, “Why have I not been doing this my whole life??” What I like about it: Number one, it requires little to no equipment so you don’t have to worry about sLink to BBG workouttoring weights, buying things, etc. Number two, the sessions are only half an hour, so they are quick and get right to the point then you can go on about your day.  And three, you can do your workouts at home (or anywhere for that matter) inside, outside, the world is your oyster! 😉

This allows me to have so much more flexibility and I can do it while the kids nap, or even when they’re awake and incorporate them into the work outs. Savannah actually thinks it’s a blast and loves trying to do it with me, which is great because I’m constantly looking for ways to get some energy out of this girl. I mean, look at her, the camera can barely even focus on her she moves around so much! Anyway, it also makes me feel good that I’m teaching my kids the importance of being healthy and active. So, whether you’re doing this program, going to the gym, doing a home video you love, or just getting in some lunges/squats/cardio through out the day, just make yourself do it! Because no one ever said, “Man, I wish I didn’t work out today.” Right?? Doing this a few times a week paired with some walks/hikes/playing chase with the kids and I feel fit, stronger, and happier and I know you will too.

With that being said, I think what you eat is just as important, (if not more) so stay tuned for next weeks post including my favorite easy recipes to always keep in your fridge for you and the kids!

Thanks for following along and let me know what your favorite work outs are!


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Here is the link to Kayla Itsines BBG!