Easy and Fun Rainy Day Activities with the Kids

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Remember the days of “Aww I can’t wait for a relaxing rainy weekend. I’m going to cuddle up by the fire, drink a latte, and read a good book, it’s going to be great!” Fast forward a few years with a crazy toddler and teething baby, the anxiety sets in thinking about being trapped in a house for multiple days in a row! For my own sanity, and hopefully yours too, I’ve put together a few of my favorite rainy day activities with the kids that are actually kind of fun and productive for adults too. Since your days of doing absolutely nothing are over, lets at least do something that is kind of fun for us too right?




I don’t care who you are, when you live in CA and never see snow, this is pretty awesome. I would probably do this even if I didn’t have kids because, why not? This is so easy and fun for everyone, and also doesn’t result in a gigantic mess all over the house. We had so much fun making this, then used some cookie cutters to make shapes in the snow and built mini snow men. It kept her busy for HOURS! I’m not kidding. So to some it all up, this activity consists of my favorite things- easy, no mess, and entertainment for at least a good solid hour. Snow making for the win!


All you need is 2 ingredients (or three if you want to add sparkles)


Barbasol Original Thick and Rich Cream Men Shaving Cream, 10 Ounce

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda-4LB (01170)

Sulyn 4 oz. Glitter Jar – Silver


Pour the entire box of baking soda into bowl.

Slowly add the shaving cream until you get the texture you want. I used almost the entire bottle of shaving cream as well.

Add some glitter as a little extra something!




This is the cutest, fun little project that serves a purpose when you finish them too. You can go hang them on a branch your kid picks out, and check to see if there are any birds for the days to come! So crafty and cute.

Again, all you need are a few things:

Knox Gelatin, Unflavored, 32 Count, Net Wt 8-Ounce

Wagner’s 62069 Nature’s Best Blend, 6-Pound Bag

Wilton Leaves and Acorns 9-Piece Aluminum Cookie Cutter Set


Over medium heat combine 2/3 cup water and 2 packets of gelatin. Mix until gelatin is dissolved.

Remove from heat and stir in 2 cups of birdseed.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spray cookie cutters with cooking spray and set on pan.

Fill birdseed mixture to the top of each cookie cutter. Poke a hole at the top with a straw so that you are able to put a string through for hanging.




Last but not least, get ready for this DIY project. Drum roll please. UNICORN POOP! (Also known as multi colored slime!) I know I said in the beginning of the post that this is supposed to be fun for adults too so hopefully your still into this like I am. If you’re more mature than me, stick to just doing bath time ;-P Okay so this stuff is so fun and the 10 year old nickelodeon watching nerd in me is trying so hard not to take over. I keep having to remind myself this is for the kids too. Needless to say, this is so fun for everyone!

So if you’re rained out like I am, or just looking for a fun indoor activity, these are my favorites! Hope you all enjoy!







  1. Chris Predmore | 3rd Feb 17

    Great ideas. This is right up Robin’s alley. She makes play dough for the little ones.

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