The Most Memorable Gift This Season

Every year I get so excited for the holidays and spending quality time with my family. This time of year to me means so many things, but most importantly:

More cuddles by the fireplace, hot coco dates, and creating memories that last forever.

Not Just a Gift, An Experience

When it comes to gifts for my family, I always want to think of something truly special for them. Something more than just a toy that they’ll be bored with in a day. And when it comes to my husband, he either has it already, or buys himself what he wants before I get the chance. Talk about the guy that has everything. So, what I’ve chosen to do in the past thats been a huge success is gifting an experience for us all; something that we can all enjoy and remember for a lifetime. And this year, I couldn’t wait to surprise my husband with our Warriors tickets from Stubhub!
gifting warriors tickets ideas
gifting warriors tickets ideas
Our family has always been huge Warriors fans. Last year, we just happened to be at the same brunch spot as Steph Curry and his family and we could barely eat our meals we were so giddy. With two young kids so close in age, its been really hard for us to make it to a game the past couple years. But now that they’re getting older, I knew this would be the perfect experience!

How I Creatively Gifted The Tickets

Not only do I love picking out the perfect, most meaningful gifts, but figuring out a creative way to gift them might be my favorite part. For our Warriors tickets from Stubhub, I decided to write the game were attending and the date on the actual basketball. During one of our little basketball sessions outside, I threw him the ball and asked him to get the dirt off the one side. He looked at me funny, looked at the ball and realized what was going on. I don’t know who was more excited about it! Me, for finally being able to surprise him, or him for realizing we get to go to the Lakers vs Warriors game! Oh, and I can’t forget about Savy who kept yelling “Surprise Daddy!” the second we got outside and came so close to ruining the surprise. Thats our girl!

A Memory We’ll Never Forget

I know its not quite Christmas yet, but I was so excited about this present I couldn’t wait to surprise him! Waiting until Christmas seemed like an eternity. (I get way too excited about finding the perfect gift.) I know that getting these tickets creates a memory that we’ll have forever. Not to mention, its kind of a present for me too so it’s a win, win! I’m really looking forward to sharing this experience with my loved ones thanks to Stubhub!
*This post is in collaboration with Stubhub*

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