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I cant believe Christmas is already in sight! Every year, I struggle with what to get for the kids. With all the of the toys they get on a regular basis, and all of the clothes I can’t help myself from buying, it’s hard to decide on gifts when they have so much already. So, this year, I’m choosing to gift my little one the gift of knowledge. And by that, I mean, books. ūüôā I decided on this IncrediBundle¬†bedtime book bundle because our bedtime routine always includes a story or two for both our kids. I loved that they made it so easy for me and bundled all of these great books together so I didn’t have to try and decide which ones to get.

book bundle Christmas gift

book bundle gift

FoolProof Gifting

IncrediBundle has all kinds of “foolproof” bundles for kids and babies, and you can even put together your own bundle if you wish. The bundles can include books, toys, or even the essentials like diapers for a year! This is such a great gift option for your little ones or even to gift someone you know with a young one.¬†They take the best award-winning products for babies and bundle them together in this adorable box, that, as you can see, is a gift in itself! (Hunter always wants to sit in it!)

I love the memories we can create with our children reading them the books they love. What are you planning on getting for your kids this year? I’d love to hear about it!


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