Wine Country Getaway- And no kids?!

You guys. After three years of never missing a moment with our kids, we finally did our first weekend getaway just the two of us! I can’t believe we haven’t done this sooner but what can I say? Were obsessed with our kids I guess? As much as we love being with them, I forgot how much I missed that one on one time with my man! I’m not kidding I actually started crying (happy tears) while we were there because I couldn’t believe how much fun we were having together. And I’m not a big cryer! I’m blaming it on the wine. Don’t get me wrong, we get out our fair share and do things with our friends and were lucky to have family close by and the best babysitters ever that my kids just adore. But we can never seem to find the time for just us. So, needless to say, this weekend was much needed! And what better way to spend our weekend then the beautiful Meadowood!

weekend getaway


I can’t say enough about this place. In such a chaotic world, pushing yourself to do more and more and more to the point of exhaustion, this place lets you escape and get away from all the worries in the world. It is the most serene place that forces you to just relax and be taken care of. Thank you Meadowood for the incredible memories!

The Rest of the Trip

We spent our one full day in St. Helena exploring a few wineries, two that I had never been to and will absolutely be returning!

Our first stop Amizetta. Basically my new favorite winery. E V E R. The entire experience was just incredible. Check out this view… it seriously doesn’t get better than that. And the wine? You guessed it. AMAZING. So happy to have found this place and can’t wait to return.

amizetta winery

amizetta winery

We also explored and tasted Rombauer and Ehlers. Both beautiful grounds and lovely experience! Rombauer was the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch. And after a couple of tastings, we were starving and ate our sandwiches in about .2 seconds! The entire day was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

rombauer vineyards

rombauer vineyards

rombauer vineyards

Lets talk dinners…

Our first night we went to Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch and we loved it! They have live music on the weekends and the vibe was just on point. Everything we ate tasted so fresh and flavorful. And dessert…peanut butter and jelly ice cream. SO FREAKIN GOOD GUYS.

Our second night we spent at Auberge and it was another one that just hit the spot! The views were absolutely stunning and the meal was great. Not to mention their cocktails were ridiculously good.

Just do it!

So, moral of the story, all you mamas out there, I know its incredibly difficult but make it happen, even if its just a day trip somewhere, quality time just the two of you is a must! It’s easy to get so caught up in daily life and the kids, sometimes you forget it all started with the two of you. After this trip, we have made a goal of doing a day trip once a month just the two of us, and I’m so excited about that!


st helena getaway

On another note- I am obsessed with this hat (only $29?!) and basically did not take it off the whole trip. I feel like its the perfect wine tasting hat and got asked so many times where I got it, so here it is guys! I’ve also linked my favorite high rise jeans I wear for almost every outing with the perfect amount of stretch. 😉

What are your favorite places to go in the wine country? Would love to hear from you! And as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂